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Newburyport Education Foundation Newburyport Education Foundation Newburyport Education Foundation
Newburyport Education Foundation
Newburyport Education Foundation
Newburyport Education Foundation
Newburyport Education Foundation
Newburyport Education Foundation Newburyport Education Foundation

Newburyport Education Foundation News

Check out the latest news about the NEF:

Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank Charitable Foundation Donates $30,000 to the NEF and the Newburyport Public Schools

nbpt bank donation

A gift of $30,000 from the Newburyport Five Cents Bank Charitable Foundation will benefit the Newburyport Public Schools and the naming of the new Library Media Center at the Francis T. Bresnahan Elementary School will recognize the gift. Pictured in the bright and exciting new space still under construction are (L-R) Superintendent Susan Viccaro, Ray Nippes (NEF Board Member), Tim Felter  (Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank) Cindy Johnson (NEF Board Member), and Janice Morse (Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank).

Bresnahan School Gymnasium & Performing Arts Center and Nock/Molin Media Center Recognize Donation

IFS Donation June 2014
The Institution for Savings has made a significant $150,000 donation to the Newburyport Public Schools through the NEF. In recognition of the gift, the Bank will receive naming rights to the gymnasium and performing arts center at the new Francis T. Bresnahan Elementary school and the media center at the renovated Rupert A. Nock Middle School/Molin Upper Elementary School. Read more here. Thank you for your ongoing support Institution for Savings!

2.19.14 NEF Accepting Nominations for Ed Award

2.14.14 NEF Seeks 2014 Ed Award Nominees

1.29.14 Daily News: Place Based Education Brings Students into Nature

11.7.13 NEF Auction Kicks Off Online 11/8 to Benefit Newburyport Public Schools

10.28.13 Chase and Lunt Donates $15,000 to the NEF

10.25.13 Daily News: Thousands turn out to support education

9.26.13 The Current: Festival to Benefit Schools

9.13.13 Daily News: NEF Announces Campaign to Raise $170,000 for Auditorium

9.5.13 Daily News: Couple Marks 50th Anniversary with Donation to the NEF

9.5.12 Music Festival to benefit local schools

8.30.13 Daily News: Fall Festival to Raise Money for Schools

7.13.13 golfers sponsors and donors needed for tournament

7.13.13 Seacost Online: Provident Bank distributes $20K to local nonprofits NEF Top Recipient

Check out a video below of the grand opening of the Institution for Savings Library Media Center at the Newburyport High School (made by students using the new technology!)


Below: Grand Opening of the Robotics Lab at the Nock Middle School on February 27, 2013 thanks to a generous donation by Strem Chemicals, Inc. and many volunteers and supporters!

Grand Opening Robotics Lab at Nock Middle Schools donated by Strem Chemicals, Inc.
Pictured L-R: Beth Raucci (Nock Principal) Brad Balkus(Technology Teacher), Cindy Johnson (NEF Officer), Dr. Michael Strem (Strem Chemicals, Inc.), and Jeffrey Gray (NEF President 2013).

Two Boys Robotics OpeningTwo 8th grade students with a robot

The Texas Hold'Em Fundraiser on 3/15/13 was a big success. Thank you everyone! Check out some photos here

Poker 2013 ladies

2.15.2013 Daily News: Singing to their Own Tunes

2.5.2012 Daily News: Robotics Open House Set for Nock

1.31.2013 Daily News: Teens Find Surprising New Hangout at IFS Library Media Center

2.1.2013 Texas Hold'Em for Newburyport Public Schools

1.22.2013 Official Opening of Institution for Savings Library Media Center at Newburyport High School

10.25.2012 Daily News: A spiffy ride Spin in a Ferrari once again up for bid for the schools

10.24.2012 Press Release: Annual NEF Lighthouse Auction Kicks Off Online 10.26.2012

10.24.2012 Daily News: Gift-honors-Matthews-boosts-NHS-science-labs

10.19.2012 Press Release: Donation to NEF in Honor of former Mayor Byron Matthews to Benefit High School Science Labs

10.8 2012. Daily News: A natural classroom Students learn the place-based way

9.3.2012 Daily News: Strem offers $60K boost for school robotics

8.30.2012 Press Release: Strem Chemicals Donates $60,000 to NEF for Robotics Lab at Nock

6.29.12 Daily News: Business owner, teacher win education award

6.1.2012 Daily News: A lesson in Surprise-Education Champion Wins Ed Molin Community Leadership Award

5.21.12 Daily News: Schools Supporter Eaton to Receive Education Award

5.16.2012 Press Release: Richard Eaton to Receive 2012 Ed Award at NEF Ceremony

5.4.2012 Current: Newburyport High School Library Receives $100,000 boost

4.26.2012 Daily News: Institution-for-Savings-makes-21st-century-investment-in-NHS-library

4.25.2012 Institution for Savings Donates $100,000 to NEF for High School Library

IFS Library Gift

The Institution For Savings donated $100,000 to the Newburyport Education Foundation to transform the Newburyport High School library into a media-rich hub for research and collaboration. President Michael Jones, center, received flowers from Library Media Specialist Lynne Cote, left, on a tour of the facility on April 25. Also present were Principal Mike Parent; Cindy Johnson, NEF officer; school Superintendent Dr. Marc Kerble and former Principal and NEF President John Elwell.

4.17.2012 Daily News: Nooks to Nock

4.12.2012 NEF Donates Nooks to Nock Discovering History Program

3.29.2012 NEF Seeking 2012 Ed Award Nominations

2.11.2012 NHS Booting up "Home Technology" Program

11.3.2011 Start Now to Bid on Items in NEF's Fundraiser

10.20.2011 Donations Speaks to New World language Lab

10.17.2011 Carl Beal and Class of 1953 Honored with 2011 Ed Award

10.14.2011 Carl Beal, Class of 1953 Win 2011 Ed Award

9.30.2011 Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank Charitable Foundation Donates $60k for Newburyport High School World Language Lab

8.17.2011: Daily News: Class of 1953 Holds Class Reunion and makes Donation to the NEF

8.17.11 Daily News: Education Foundation Hosts Concert Fundraiser Aug 28

8.16.11 NEF Announces Music Lineup for 8.28. Fundraiser

8.16. 11 Daily News: Triple Show and Tell

8.16.11: Daily News Opinion by Meghan Kinsey: A Bed Race To Remember

8.11.11: Current: NEF Leaders in Yankee Homecoming BedRace

8.5.11: Daily News: NEF Super Competitors in Yankee Homecoming Bedrace

6-1-2011: NEF Announces End-of-Year-Teacher Tribute Program

5-25-2011: Dr. Kerble to Speak at Chamber Breakfast about Vision for Schools

5-25-2011: IFS Speaker Series Brings Science Coach and Energy to Science Labs

4-1-2011: Bee Takes Sting Out of School Wish Lists

2-18-2011: Education Business Coalition (EBC) Partners with Businesses

2-18-2011: Campaign 2008-2010 Resulted in $600,000 in Enhancements to Newburyport Public Schools

2-10-2011 DailyNews: NEF Antes Up to Support Schools

2-5-2100 Current: Betting on a Successful Fundraiser

1-14-2011 NEF Welcomes Three New Board Members

1-12-2011 NEF Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament Fundraiser to Benefit Newburyport Public Schools

12-2-2010 Newburyport Education Foundation Announces Holiday Teacher Tribute Program

10-27-2010 Ed Award to be Presented

10-18-2010 Newburyport Education Foundation Holds Annual Meeting, Announces Ed Award Winner

NEF Newsletter Fall 2010

9-30-2010: Liz Frame and the Kickers Perform Benefit for the NEF

8-25-2010 2nd Annual NEF Open Welcomes Jim Lonborg

6-29-2010 Nominations Sought for Annual Ed Award






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