"The Nock-Molin Learning Common is a space that ignites student creativity, curiosity, discovery, and literacy through the use of innovative technology and high-impact, collaborative spatial design."

Our Goals

The Nock-Molin Learning Common will support the school’s learning goals both today and in the future.
The space will be used to:

•Encourage a joy for reading
•Research, question, and build understanding
•Work collaboratively through project-based learning •Build a shared learning community
•Serve as the hub of information sharing

21st Century Learning Spaces

•Spaces shape and change practice. Engaging, adaptable spaces energize students, teachers, and the community.
•Well-designed learning spaces inspire creative, productive, and efficient learning
•Active and interactive participation
•Collaborative project work
•Connecting with experts
•Discussion and presentation
•Flexibility in space, location, and resources
•Private study and access to resources
•Room to move
•Technology that is 'just in time' and flexible

Website by Helium Design. Molin-Nock Learning Common Design by Mike Pirollo, MLP Interiors | Drawings and Furnishings by Contrax Furnishings

Newburyport Education Foundation PO Box 1002, Newburyport, MA 01950 (978) 463-7893